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Rubber mag.roll 0,75mm30x0,62m
Item No. AIC-075 In stock
2.207 kr.
NM-sol-CT30a 20mx1370mmx0,3mm
Item No. AIC-CT30A In stock
3.649 kr.
Járn fólía 30m x 620mm x 0,4mm
Item No. AIC-MET Out of stock
1.100 kr.
mult-pol mag ads.UV 30x12,7x2m
Item No. AIC-SYN Out of stock
180 kr.
Brúnn segull 1x20m. 400µ
Item No. GUA-MG-1004020-BR Out of stock
32.040 kr.
Brúnn segull 0,615x15m. 750µ
Item No. GUA-MG-6175-BR Out of stock
1.624 kr.
Segull hv.matt 1,27x15m 350µ
Item No. GUA-MGD-12738-WM Out of stock
40.071 kr.
Járnfilma Brún m/lími 1,02x15m. 500µ
Item No. GUA-MGSFSA-10250-BR Out of stock
57.081 kr.