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DMX N04 controler
Item No. EUC-DMX N04 Low stock
137.489 kr.
Constant Voltage Decoder 4ch
Item No. EUC-PX24504 Low stock
16.563 kr.
Constant Voltage Decoder 36ch
Item No. EUC-PX3204 Low stock
143.081 kr.
Powersupply 24V/80W
Item No. GEC-GEXNPS30 Out of stock
12.195 kr.
Contor Supply Wire 500 ft.
Item No. GEC-GEXNSWW In stock
221 kr.
Tetra® FX Contoller
Item No. GEL-FX1 Out of stock
31.562 kr.
Tetra® FX Y-Splitter Cable
Item No. GEL-FXY Low stock
2.544 kr.
End Caps
Item No. GEL-VT30 In stock
248 kr.
Twist on wire connector
Item No. GEM-191600041 In stock
45 kr.
In line connector 18-14
Item No. GEM-192160004 In stock
62 kr.
Tetra Tape Lead Connector
Item No. GEM-93026288 In stock
595 kr.
Tetra Tape Jump Connector
Item No. GEM-93026289 In stock
1.120 kr.
Minimax 24V 7100K
Item No. GEM-9305366 In stock
2.303 kr.
AWG Supply Wire
Item No. GEM-9409 In stock
274 kr.