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Main filter 5 micron VUTEK
Item No. DPS-FFIPA11275 Low stock
0 kr.
VJ capping unit KY-14060
Item No. DPS-PCAMIVJ601 Low stock
9.350 kr.
Disc filter 2µ
Item No. DPS-PFIWH12987 In stock
1.898 kr.
Vutek filter 10 míkron
Item No. DPS-PFLHP001 Low stock
19.532 kr.
10 microns disk filter
Item No. DPS-PFLSCXL10 Low stock
5.166 kr.
Svabs polyester Langir 100stk
Item No. DPS-SWABS LANGIR Out of stock
6.758 kr.
Xaar 128 printhead
Item No. DPS-XAAR128BLUE Out of stock
65.434 kr.
Print head ValueJet
Item No. MUV-DF49684 Low stock
405.940 kr.
printlux 104*30 matt CA nolite
Item No. NES-D6030497 Low stock
57.412 kr.
True 160 gr matt 152,2x30 w-FR
Item No. SIH-3334152 Out of stock
14.796 kr.
SyntiTec PP Greyback 180 42
Item No. SIH-3391106 Out of stock
40.507 kr.
SyntiTec PP Greyback 180 54
Item No. SIH-3391137 Out of stock
40.083 kr.
Premium vinyl gloss 42
Item No. SIH-35851067 Out of stock
50.196 kr.
Premium vinyl gloss 50
Item No. SIH-3585127 Low stock
66.737 kr.
Standar vinyl matt 42
Item No. SIH-36351067 In stock
36.501 kr.
Renoir Canvas satin 42
Item No. SIH-38331067 In stock
27.290 kr.
Renoir Canvas satin 44
Item No. SIH-38331118 Low stock
29.595 kr.
Renoir Canvas satin 50
Item No. SIH-3833127 Low stock
34.889 kr.
Supersorb Photo gloss 42
Item No. SIH-3938106 In stock
31.384 kr.
Supersorb Photo gloss 60
Item No. SIH-3938152 Low stock
52.539 kr.