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Backlight DPI 150gr. 1,37x100m.
Item No. LEC-48101300 137 In stock
32.433 kr.
Backlight DPI 150gr. 1,8x300m.
Item No. LEC-48101300 180 Out of stock
69.227 kr.
TriSolv PrimeArt Paper SA 275
Item No. SIH-3685137 Out of stock
42.243 kr.
Trisolv PrimeArt paper 63
Item No. SIH-3686160 Out of stock
27.736 kr.
Backlight DPI 1.18/300M
Item No. TOR-DPI 118X300 Out of stock
52.717 kr.
Backlight DPI 1.75/300M
Item No. TOR-DPI 18X300 Out of stock
83.037 kr.