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Atlantic 1650 Laminator
Item No. KAL-1600 Out of stock
1.816.353 kr.
Applikator 3000 w/LED
Item No. KAL-AP3000L Out of stock
3.122.164 kr.
Simplex 160 adaption kit f. Applikator
Item No. KAL-APCUT160 Out of stock
262.803 kr.
Brake Tension Feeding system 1650mm.
Item No. KAL-APFREIN Out of stock
58.590 kr.
Bar and support for small reels
Item No. KAL-APSUPAXE Out of stock
31.903 kr.
Arkane 1650 Plöstunarvél
Item No. KAL-ARKANE 1650 Out of stock
2.544.015 kr.
Axle 1650mm. 65" 76mm. 3"
Item No. KAL-AX165076 Out of stock
34.596 kr.
Mistral 1650 Laminator
Item No. KAL-MISTRAL 1650 Out of stock
1.521.650 kr.
Document scrolling bar
Item No. KAL-MP602193 C Out of stock
29.519 kr.
Storage rack for 3 shafts
Item No. KAL-STOCKAGE3000 Out of stock
44.419 kr.