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Thermo tape 0,025x66m
Item No. POL-TACK 840 Out of stock
4.781 kr.
Poli Tack 853 0,5 x 40 m.
Item No. POL-TACK 853 In stock
28.044 kr.
Prot.cover.pl. 40x50cm
Item No. STH-013676 Out of stock
14.806 kr.
Heat Printing Pillow Set
Item No. STH-013682 Out of stock
23.219 kr.
Teflon arkir 46x49 cm
Item No. STH-013683 Low stock
2.480 kr.
Plokk tól /Stahls weeder
Item No. STH-013695 In stock
3.487 kr.
Prot.cover.heatpl. 40x50cm
Item No. STH-125288 Low stock
16.152 kr.
Magic mask plus 50m x 50 cm
Item No. STH-MAGIC MASK Out of stock
23.789 kr.
EZ Weeding table 51x91cm
Item No. STH-WEEDING TABLE Out of stock
110.360 kr.